The documentary MADRIDs in the USA is an audiovisual project aimed at presenting in a free-and-easy way the existence of nine places in the United States called Madrid.


Taking this namesake as the basis of their itinerary, MADRIDs in the USA is the story of two folks from Madrid – Eloy Parra and Carlos de Pedro – who decide to go beyond a simple web search and go deep into remote places of the United States called Madrid, and video record it. Brought together by the same name, their trip soon stirs up the curiosity of the locals, who open their doors to them wherever they go. Their password: “Hi folks: we’re also from Madrid”.


The team of MADRIDs in the USA puts forward a “Road-doc” where public, private, audiovisual and production entities with an interest in the documentary are welcome to participate.


If your organization wishes to support the production of this documentary, please contact the MADRIDs in the USA team at:

Telephone - Spain: +34 916 435 437

Telephone - Switzerland: +41 788 128 642











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